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victorian school

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Hello, you will be exploring work on the Victorian School. Any work will be expressed, exhibited and exchanged on this page.  Feel free to evaluate your group's work but remember to leave positive comments.


 Richard, Rachel, Aine, Conor     

Aine's work!



Victorian classrooms




  • Children in those days wrote with chalk on slate and they wiped it out with their spit and rubbed it out with their fingers.




Victorian Classroom





                                      Aine's work



There were several kinds of school for poorer children.


The youngest might go to a "Dame" school,run by a local woman in a room of her house.


The older ones went to a day school.


Other schools were organised by churches and charities.


Among these were the "ragged" schools which were for orphans and very poor children.








Arithmetic was performed with the help of a calculator, or the Victorian equivalent, the abacus.  


Those who practice with the abacus can perform calculations faster than their electronic equivalent!



abacus = a frame with rows of wires or grooves along which beads are slid,used for calculating.








After 1870, all children from five to thirteen had to attend school by law.


In winter in the countryside, many children faced a teeth chattering walk to school of several miles.


A large number didn’t turn up.


Lessons lasted from 9am to 5pm, with a two hour lunch break.












Victorian children had pounds, shillings and pence.







                                                           Fun facts



Children at boarding school were given horrid-tasting medicines such as brimstone and treacle.


Russell Hall





Discipline in schools was often strict.


Children were beaten  with a cane, on the hand or bottom.


A teacher could also punish a child by making them stand in the corner wearing a duce's cap .


Another, very boring, punishment was writing 'lines'.


This meant writing out the same sentence (such as 'Schooldays are the happiest days of my life') 100 times or more.



cane = a thin stick used by teachers to beat misbehaved children


dunce's cap = a hat children wore if the did something wrong perhaps they got a spelling wrong or was talking in class










  • Schools were not free until 1891. Up until then children had to pay to go to school.


  • Queen Victoria's reign brought many improvements to the education of children, especially for the poor children.


  • In 1833, the government awarded grants of money to schools. Not everyone who ran the schools were able to read themselves so the standard of education was not very good,



  • In 1844, Parliament passed a law requiring children working in factories be given six-half-days schooling every week. 'Ragged Schools' were set up to provide free basic education for orphans and very poor children.


  • There could be as many as 70 or 80 pupils in one class, especially in cities. The teachers were very strict. Children were often taught by reading and copying things down, or chanting things till they were perfect.


  • The children sat on hard wooden benches or chairs.



  • Typical lessons at school included the three Rs - Reading, WRiting and Dictation, and ARithmetic.  In addition to the three Rs which were taught most of the day, once a week the children learned geography, history and singing. The girls learned how to sew.




















       The day usually began with prayers and religious instruction. 


       Morning lessons ran from 9a.m. to 12p.m. 


       Children often went home for a meal, then returned for afternoon classes from 2p.m. to 5p.m.



















Victorians didn't use pens and paper they used ......



















                                                                      GETTING WHIPPED


Here are some resons for getting whipped by the cane .....


  1. Talking
  2. Being late
  3. Getting a spelling wrong
  4. For slow learning
  5. Writing with their left hand
  6. Forgetting their books
  7. Saying a Welsh word



The children that went to school had to bring in two pieces

of turf every week to heat the school.

Hope you liked my work on victorian schools                                        I really enjoyed my project


                                                                 By Aine McNulty 







Conors Work 


Victorian Punishments 



                               The Strap



With the strap you have to kneel down and bow your head and then the teacher will slap the back of your head with a strap.



                                                   The Log    


With the log you are meant to get a big heavey log and put it on your shoulders and carry it about all day.  This is a punishment for talking.                                    


                                                                                      The Cage 


With the cage you are meant to get into a basket and be hung from the top of the roof. This is a punishment for being very bad.





            • A school-house was the size of about half a hall                     
            • About 50-60 children were in a school-house 







                                                                                                    Rachel's work






 After 1870, all children from five to thirteen had to attend school by law. In winter in the countryside, many children faced a teeth chattering walk to school of several miles.

But alot did not turn up,and thier lessons lasted until 9am to 5pm, they had a 2 hour lunch break




                                      Items in school                 by Richard


The only things the victorian children had where a book and they had to write with a quill and they were in school for six hours of school and two hours for lunch. 

    number of schools



There were at least 56 schools in victorian times.



B2451 Victorian School for the Deaf, Prahran



                                  Days and money

When the children went to school they had to pay two pence to go to school each day.


Most of the children's mums or dads did not have much money so the children had to work on the streets.


Only rich parents could afford for their children to go to school.




 Play time 


 Outside is a small yard crowded with shrieking schoolmates.


Games of blind mans buff, snakes and ladders, hide-and-seek and hopscotch are in full swing.


Some boys would beg a pigs bladder from the butcher, which they would blow up to use as a football.

Others drilled hob nails through cotton reels to make spinning tops. 





The boys and girls didn't have a printer in school or a pc/laptop. So they had to write with a quill as a pen, but we now use a pencil and a rubber or a pen.


Victorian school child's writing pen, 19th century.



                           victorian school punishments



In victorian times most children in school where whiped by a cane and there where other punishment like...



  • Dunce's cap


  • The cage 











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